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Company Overview:

Located in the heart of National City, at Daygo Performance, we are committed to providing our members with a holistic fitness experience. We understand the importance of offering a diverse range of fitness services and recovery options to cater to our members' unique needs and goals. We believe in collaboration and are seeking passionate and highly skilled Personal Trainers, Recovery Specialist, and Group Instructors to join our team in our state-of-the-art gym facility. 

Our Gym Space 

Spacious Facility: Our gym boasts a generous 4,000 square feet of versatile space, providing ample room for training and accommodating various fitness needs. we have open gym to the public community from 10am - 5pm, you will be able to also train your clients during that time and potentially earn new ones. 

Dedicated Recovery Room: Take advantage of our 700-square-foot recovery room equipped with essential amenities to support your clients’ post-workout needs, enhancing their overall experience.

2 Bathrooms: One exclusively for our independent contractors and their clients and one open for the gym members 

Why Join Our Fitness Partner Program?

 Fully Equipped Spaces: Access to a wide range of high-quality, modern fitness equipment and versatile spaces suitable for personal training sessions, group classes, and specialized recovery services.


Flexible Scheduling: Book spaces according to your needs with our easy-to-use online booking system. Enjoy the freedom to schedule your sessions at times that work best for you and your clients. Our Become an official member of our team with a gym contract!


Visibility Boost: Increase your exposure by being featured on our website and in our facility. Our marketing support includes highlighting your specialties and classes to our community of fitness enthusiasts.


Community and Networking: Join a network of fitness professionals. Share experiences, tips, and collaborate on events or challenges to engage and expand your client base.

Features & Benifits

Business Advertising & Promotion: We offer advertising and promotional opportunities within our gym, allowing you to showcase your services to a diverse and engaged clientele. Benefit from increased visibility and reach.

 Special Discounts for Your Clients: Your clients will appreciate the added value of exclusive discounts on gym memberships and services, creating a win-win situation for both you and them.

 Business Growth Opportunities: Collaborate with our established fitness community to expand your client base and grow your business. Our gym provides a supportive environment for independent contractors to thrive.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

Our Facility

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