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Beginner 8 Week Fitness Program

  • 8Weeks
  • 275Steps


🔥 8-Week Beginner Fat Burner Online Program 🔥 Welcome to a transformative journey designed to torch fat, boost your metabolism, and help you stay lean! Our 8-week online program is perfect for beginners who are committed to shedding excess weight and embracing a healthier lifestyle. Get ready to ignite your fitness journey from the comfort of your own space! Program Outline: Weeks 1-2: Foundation Building • Learn fundamental exercises and proper form to set the stage for success. . Start with low-impact cardio, bodyweight exercises, and flexibility routines. Weeks 3-4: Fat Burning Acceleration • Increase workout intensity with circuit training and light resistance. • Combine cardio intervals with bodyweight strength exercises. Weeks 5-6: Strength and Stamina Boost • Incorporate resistance training to build lean muscle and enhance metabolism. • Alternate between upper and lower body workouts. Weeks 7-8: Sculpt and Sustain • Fine-tune your workouts with targeted exercises for toning and definition. • Focus on maintaining consistency and healthy habits. How to Get Started: 1. Enroll in the 8-week program to access a comprehensive workout plan. 2. View demo Videos on Mobile App 3. Tag our Gym Page @Daygoperformance for accountability and to engage with our supportive community. Program Completion Rewards: Finish the 8-week program and unlock an exclusive 30% discount on both in-person and online fitness training sessions with Stewsperformance!

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