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Download our Mobile App "Spaces"

Looking for a mobile fitness app that brings everything you need for a healthy lifestyle together in one convenient place? Look no further than Spaces! With our user-friendly interface, expert trainers, and comprehensive suite of features, you can easily book your training time, chat with the facility and  with other fitness enthusiasts all in one place. Download the app today and get started on your fitness journey!

How it Works. 

Step 1: Sign & Sign Up 

• Download the “Spaces” app.

 • Create your account or sign in.

 • Connect your Apple Health and Watch to track your fitness activities.

Step 2: Book Your Exercise Slot

• Tap the 'Gym Membership' tab.

•  Browse available time slots.

• Select your preferred time and tap ‘Book’.

Step 3: Reschedule if Needed

• Go to ‘My Bookings’.

• Select the session you want to change.

• Tap ‘Reschedule/Cancel’ and choose a new time.

Step 4:

Join the Online Community Group

• View Our Community Group 'Daygo Fitness Club'

• Engage with fellow members, share experiences, and seek motivation.

Step 5: Stay Updated with Gym Updates & Events

 •Check the ‘Notifications’ tab for the latest gym news, updates, and event invites.

Benefits & Features.

01. Track Your Progress

•Visit the ‘Activity’ tab to view your workout history and health data synced from Apple Health.

02. View and Use Loyalty Points

 • Tap the ‘Loyalty Program’ tab.

 •Here, you can view your accumulated loyalty points and redeem them for perks.

03. Access Online Workouts & Videos

• Go to ‘My Bookings’.

• Select the session you want to change.

• Tap ‘Reschedule/Cancel’ and choose a new time.

04. Discount On Products & Events 

• View our online store and receive a special discount at checkout.

• Receive special discounted prices on events held by Daygo Performance

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